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Photo Booths

Photo booths

Why a photo booth?

We always take an all-inclusive commitment to the implementation of our photo booths. We handle everything from shipping, installation, operation, electronic surveillance, continuous service and cleaning. We offer the product, operation and service while the site vendor (customer) provides the space as well as a normal wall outlet.

Speed Services has an attractive business model where the site vendor does not pay anything for either the product or service. On the other hand, we share some of the revenue with the site vendor.

Our vision is that the photo booths add value both to our site vendors in terms of revenue but also provides a great service to those in need of high quality photos.


We recommend our site vendors to outfit the photo booth with its own graphic profile (foil) for example: own colors, logos and fonts to fit better into the environment. The machines will also become aesthetically more appealing to customers. We take care of everything from the printing of the foil to the actual foiling of the photo booth.


Height: 210 cm
Length: 143 cm
Width: 83 cm
*The photo booths require little space, about 1.2 m².

Do you want to increase your service offering while creating new revenue? Please contact us.