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Complaint form

We regret that you have experienced some problems with one of our machines.

Here you will find a link to our complaint form which you can download, Complaint form_photo.pdf

Please be so kind and fill in the information below as accurately as possible in order for us to process your complaint quickly.
Send the form to the address which you will find in the upper left-hand corner.

Your complaint/reclaim should be made as soon as possible and must be with us within 2 months after the event.

We regret if this procedure is perceived as circumstantial, but we are obliged to follow the current set of regulations.

If you don’t have a printer
If you can’t print out the complaint form, please write down the following information on a piece of paper and send to us so that we can process your complaint.

Machine number (number can be found on the outside of the photo booth) 
Where is the machine? 
Date and time of shooting 
Payment (have you paid by cash or card?) 

Bank details (to which account would you like a refund?) clearing and account number
or IBAN and BIC / SWIFT if you do not have a swedish account

Describe the cause of the complaint 

Do not forget to sign your complaint! 

Remember to always attach the original of all the photos taken, at the complaint! 
If you have not received any photos, please attach bank statement (from your bank) if you paid by credit card, to prove your purchase!

Send your complaint to:
Speed Services AB
Box 634
135 26 Tyresö