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Place a photo booth in your premises

Why a photo booth?

The photo booth in your premises increases the level of service. Photo booths deliver high-demand photo products and can be compared to other vending machines and service solutions in public environments. Hundreds of thousands of passport photos are taken annually in the Nordic countries for driver's license renewals, visas and various types of id-cards. 

We provide the product, daily operation and service, while the site vendor (corporate customer) provides the surface and a regular wall socket. Speed Photo has an attractive business model where the site vendor does not pay for either product or service, however we share a proportion of the revenue with the site vendor.

We always take an overall commitment when implementing our photo booths. We handle everything from freight, installation, operation, electronic monitoring, continuous service and cleaning.We always take an all-inclusive commitment to the implementation of our photo booths. We handle everything from shipping, installation, operation, electronic surveillance, continuous service and cleaning.

Our vision for the photo booths is to add value to both place holder in the form of revenue and to provide a satisfactory service to those in need of high quality photos for different identity documents. The photo booths take up only a small area of about 1,2 m².   

Measures and components

Height: 210 cm         card reader, computer
Length: 143 cm         camera, modem
Width: 83 cm         touch screen, photo

Speed Photo is the market leader in the Nordic countries on photo booths. We are located at train and metro stations as well as shopping centers around Sweden, Norway, Finland and Latvia. The photo booths are robustly designed in stainless steel for high safety and modern design for all environments.

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