Speed Locker
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Alingsås station

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Alingsås station, Alingsås,
Lockers are placed in the middle of the waiting hall.

Card payment

Speed Locker

The Speed Lockers are located in the waiting room

Medium Box 
Price: 50 SEK for 4 hours
Price: 60 SEK for 24 hours 

Large box 
Price: 60 SEK for 4 hours
Price: 70 SEK for 24 hours

Payment only with credit card

Storage up to 7 days

Keep your receipt, it is your key! 

Interior dimensions; 
Medium: width = 360mm, height = 440 mm, depth = 570 mm
Large: width = 460 mm, height = 600 mm, depth = 820 mm

Opening hours, click on link below