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Luggage Lockers

Speed Services AB is a leading supplier of luggage lockers in Scandinavia. We work with railway stations, shopping centers and ferry terminals in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Latvia.

Our luggage lockers are a secure service that is popular with the many people who visit these locations. We offer one of the best solutions in the market by providing a modern and secure product as well as professional service.

The luggage lockers come in different models and sizes. The newest generation, the Speed Locker 2, is an electronic key-free solution whose operations can be monitored over the Internet. Special payment stations allow both coin and card payments.

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Inner measurements of the Speed Lockers:
Medium: width 360 mm, height 440 mm and dept 600 mm
Large: width 460 mm, height 600 mm and dept 850 mm

Inner measurements of the traditional luggage lockers;
Medium: width 230 mm, height 410 mm and dept 710 mm
Large: width 430 mm, height 610 mm and dept 890 mm

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