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Fittja Centrum got a new photo booth

Fittja Centrum got a new photo booth
Photo booth in Fittja Centrum

Our latest photo booth is now located in Fittja Centrum. You will find it next to Apoteksgruppen

Welcome to take pictures for official documents or some wonderful photo memories with your friends!

Price: 120 SEK in size 35x45 mm
Price: 120 SEK in size 50x50 mm

• Card payment
• Color or black and white images
• Photo map with 4 pictures
• Select one picture and email directly from the photo booth

The photos from our photo booth are approved for, driving license renewals, ID cards, foreign passports and visas

* Note for visa photo: please double check the image size  with the visa issuer as the format may differ between different countries

The photography is user-friendly, high quality and only takes about 3 minutes.