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ID photos from Datametropolen in Sandviken

ID photos from Datametropolen in Sandviken
Photo booth at Datametropolen in Sandviken

Datametropolen in Sandviken has chosen a photo booth from Speed Services

Thomas & co welcomes you to Datametropolen if you need an ID photo to a driving license renewal, visa, foreign passport or any other ID-card!

Price: 100 SEK in size 35 x 45 mm
Price: 100 SEK in size 50 x 50 mm
• Credit card payment
• Color or black and white photos
• Photo map with 4 pictures
• Choose one photo and email it directly from the photo booth

The photos from our photo booth are approved for, driving license renewals, ID cards, foreign passports and visas
* Note for visa photo: please double check the image size  with the visa issuer as the format may differ between different countries

The photography is user-friendly, high quality and only takes about 3 minutes.