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Luggage Lockers

Our luggage lockers are a product for you who need to lock your bags for a few hours or up to seven days. The storage boxes are located at most train stations around Sweden. Use our search function to find the nearest luggage locker and prices on the specific location.

To keep in mind when using the storage boxes

Keep the receipt, it's your key and valuation. The code for opening your luggage locker is on the receipt.
Storage for a maximum of 7 days.

Inside dimensions of our storage boxes

Medium: Width = 360 mm, Height = 440 mm, Depth = 570 mm
Large: width = 460 mm, height = 600 mm, depth = 820 mm

At Stockholm Central Station we also offer manual baggage handling - for bulky luggage that does not fit in the luggage boxes. Welcome to the Lower Hall, open daily between 9:00 - 18:30 (deviations may occur).

If you want to know opening hours at a specific train station, you can find the information here.