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About Speed Services

Speed Services AB is an exciting and advanced company in the area of technology. We are currently in the middle of an aggressive expansion face and are carrying out several ventures in new business areas.

We are active in areas such as digital signage, interactive kiosks, express terminals, ticket machines, public Wi-Fi, photo booths and various types of lockers for storage and parcel handling.

The origin of Speed Services is the Swedish company "Snabbfoto AB" which started it´s operations already in 1958. The primal activity was built around photo booths. During the years thereafter, affiliated companies with the same business concept were started up in the other Scandinavian countries

The company operates internationally with the Nordic Region being our main focus market.

Speed Services’ organization is unique in many ways. Even though our employees have many different responsibilities, the main focus stays the same for all of our employees, and that is striving towards development and expansion. By having this focus our employees has developed an understanding for the challenges that may surface and is used to creating processes for quick decision making.

During our 60 years in business, we have developed many successful cooperation’s between train stations, buss- and ferry terminals, airports and shopping centers throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Latvia.

We have developed a wide range of knowledge in areas such as product- and system development, installations, operational monitoring and service. We are a supplier of complete solutions where we take responsibility for both the hardware and software, from the drawing board to the finished product.
We strive towards establishing close relationships with our customers and are driven by great results for both us and our customers.

Our photo booths take pictures that are approved for ID cards, visas, driver’s license renewals and various types of passports.

Our luggage lockers are safe and a sought-after service for many visitors, both at travel centers and shopping centers. We offer one of the best solutions available on the market today by supplying a modern and safe product together with professional service and support.

Our customer terminals and kiosks are products that are customized based on our customer’s needs. We handle operational monitoring of terminals who acts as sources for information in public environments for visitors and travelers.

We have a long experience from handling payments in public, non surveillanced, areas. With installations throughout the Nordics, we handle several million card transactions annually in our products that are installed in hundreds of locations in different countries.

Speed Services AB consists of several different companies, with Megatec, which supplies ticket machines and digital displays being one of the largest. Sidewalk Express who among other things work with operating computers and Wi-Fi in SAS lounges throughout the world, is also a part of Speed Services AB.
Speed Services AB is a part of the Speed International Group.