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About Speed Services

Speed Services AB is market-leading in Scandinavia of photo booths and luggage lockers. We also offer other services such as kiosks/customer terminals and public WiFi, all in public settings. Today we provide our services to the majority of all trainstations, shopping centres and international airports in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Latvia.

The origin of Speed Services is the Swedish company "Snabbfoto AB" which started its operations already in 1958. The primal activity was built around photo booths. During the years thereafter, affiliated companies with the same business concept were started up in the other Scandinavian countries.

Our photo booths take pictures which are approved for ID-cards and driver's license renewals. The pictures can also be used for visas and different types of entry cards.

The luggage lockers are a secure and in demand service for many visitors both in travel- and shopping centers. We offer one of the best solutions on the market by providing a modern and safe product as well as professional service.

Speed Services AB is part of the Speed International corporate group - a family owned, innovative corporate group which apart from Speed Services AB also includes Speed Identity AB (, one of the leading companies in the world within the area of digital collecting of data for different types of ID documents.