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Photo Booths

Is it time to renew your driver's license or are you heading for an exciting trip? Speed Services photo booths allow you to time- and cost effectively take most types of ID photos!

In addition to driver's license photos, passports and visa images, the photos can also be used for different types of ID-cards.

As the format requirements differ from one country to another, we recommend that you contact the exhibitor of the visa for the correct format. You can also contact us and we will assist you.

Our photo booths are available around the country. You can conveniently take photos with the highest quality without booking any appointment.

The photo booths offer:

• 4 photos in color or black and white
• 35 x 45 mm or 50 x 50 mm format
• 1 photo to send digitally to desired e-mail address directly from the photo booth.

All photo booths offer card payment and, in some cases, coins. Information about payment options on a specific photo booth can be found through our search function.

Price: 100 kr

Search for your nearest photo booth here.