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Designed wooden lockers

For hotels, museum, malls, arenas and more

Speed Services AB is launching a brand new product, 
Designed wooden lockers

The luggage lockers are a safe and sought after service for many visitors of these locations, which also enables increased revenue without additional staffing. 

We offer one of the best solutions in the market by providing a modern and safe product as well as professional service. 

The new designer lockers are available in differnt models and sizes to suit your needs.
You choose the coloror laminate when ordering to match your interior design. You can also choose to foil the lockers to inform a specific message or advertising.

We use the latest technology and our storage lockers have an electronic and key-free solution that enables internal monitoring of operations. 
One or more payment stations offers card payment according to agreed pricing. 

We will start delivering during 2018, please contact us for more information and/or ordering.