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Speed Services works with environmentally friendly and long term sustainable services. Social responsibility, good environmental choices and reduced environmental and climate impact characterizes our business.
We feel that we can contribute in a world that needs more commitment than ever, we have chosen to support the following organizations:

Cancer Fund

We are a Corporate Friend of the Cancer Fund. The Cancer Fund wants to defeat cancer by financing advanced research, inform about habits (nutrition and exercise) and achieving a balanced cancer care center offering the best care on the basis of its prerequisites.


UNHCR protects people on the run from war.
On behalf of the UN, the UNHCR, UN Refugee Body, is leading the work to protect people whome escaped war and persecution. UNHCR handles emergency services, fights for human rights and creates solutions for a better future.

People on the run have often left everything behind to make the dangerous journey to safety. UNHCR is in place in all major conflicts in the world and gives people emergency relief as a roof over their head, food, water and healthcare.

Most refugees want to return home. When that is not possible, UNHCR gives them a chance to rebuild their lives.

SOS Children's Villages

A long-term work all over the world.
Our long-term work with children's villages, schools, medicine clinics and family-strengthening programs takes place in 135 countries around the world. A work that allows more children to grow up to safe adults. Here you can read about some of our ongoing projects.

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