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CEO’s Message

As we all know, the digital revolution has arrived, and as a technology company we are strongly affected by this. In order for us to be able to meet our customers' future needs in the best possible way, we must understand the ongoing evolution and adapt our organization accordingly.

Everything around us is taking place at a faster rate, which requires us to have a strong ability to change and to have clear ventures for the future. Our organization is constantly adjusting to be able to take on a more flexible and digitally advanced future. These efforts will enable us to continue to offer our customers modern, state-of-the-art products containing the latest technology tailored to their unique requirements and needs.

We feel certain that our investments in technology and competence development as well as our continuous strive towards introducing new solutions will contribute to the development of our customers' businesses and strengthen their market positions. Product development usually takes place in close cooperation with our customers, where both parties have a major impact on the final product.

Our company has consistently been generating growth for several years. We have expanded our existing business areas as well as developed new ones. This has enabled us to broaden and raise the level of competence within the company as well as making new investments which in turn will generate both better products and better service to our customers in the future. Looking ahead, our focus will be to continue to grow our business, both organically and through acquisitions. We will primarily consider investments and acquisitions that will strengthen our company’s current business areas.

The acquisition of Megatec, implemented in 2016, contributed to the incorporation of new product areas such as Digital displays, where we see the greatest opportunity for growth, for Megatec, in the future. The Business area Boxes is another area where we expect to see strong growth in the future as new areas of use arise in this sector.

We feel confident that the stable and profitable growth that the company has shown for several years will continue. For us it is obvious that satisfied customers, a solid financial structure, sustainable entrepreneurship and a content staff go hand in hand.

Elisabeth Sommarvinge
CEO, Speed Services AB

Elisabeth Sommarvinge, CEO