Board of Directors
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Gunnar Dahl - Chairman - Civ. Ing (KTH), born 1953.

Background: Private Investors in small to medium enterprises. Has experience from senior positions in Axel Johnson Group and Hufvudstaden as well as a member of the board of a number of commercial and real estate companies.



Mats Pettersson - Member - Leadership, Business Administration and the Board of Directors Eduation at IFL / School of Economics
Background: investor and entrepreneur, chairman of the Swedish Expo Association.

Johan Forsgren - Member
Background: Solid background in Retail. Has worked as Head of Business and Responsible for Operations at DUKA AB. Responsible for several shopping centers in Steen & Ströms portfolio and member of their Swedish management team. Great interest in the meeting with the customer and the customers need to get an experience out of the ordinary.