Photo booths

High-quality pictures at extremely competitive prices!

Our photo booths take pictures that are approved for uses such as ID cards, driver’s license renewals and visas. The pictures can also be used for various types of passes or permits, semester or annual cards, or similar uses.

The photo booths offer four photos, in color or black and white, with a choice of two formats: 35 x 45 mm or 50 x 50 mm.

All of the booths allow payment by card, and some allow coin payment as well. The payment option for a particular booth can be seen in the booth search results. The photo booths are connected to the Internet, and a picture can be emailed to the desired address right from the booth.
Try our search function, and find the photo booth closest to you.


Please note that some differences apply of our photo booths in Latvia, for more info click on specific photo booth that you find on the map.

Speed Services AB is the Scandinavian market leader in photo booths. Our booths are found in railway stations, metro stations and shopping centers around Sweden, Norway, Finland and Latvia. Our photo booths are sturdily constructed from stainless steel, providing robust security and contemporary design for all settings. The photo booths do not take up much floor space, only 1.1 m².
It’s possible to add your own graphic profile (foiling) to the booth for an extra charge. Please contact us for more information.

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